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no more updates here…

as you might realise while scrolling down on this page I did not really update this blog section anymore for a while. If you want to stay up to date please feel free to follow me on Instagram or facebook!

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“Sog” will have it’s festival premiere soon!

I am excited to announce that my new animated short “Sog” will have it’s festival premiere soon! In June the 10 minute film will be in the student films competition of the great Animafest Zagreb in Croatia. And there’s even more to it than that: the film made it into the Annecy programme and will be shown at the Anima Mundi in Brazil as well! I’ll be around in Zagreb and Annecy, I hope that I’ll manage to visit the Anima Mundi as well!


The Old Man and the Bird – the making-of

Have a look behind the scenes of the animated short >>The Old Man and the Bird<< (directed by Dennis Stein-Schomburg). I made the puppet of the bird and animated it (stop motion). We tried to integrate the bird as good as possible into the live action footage that the talented team around Dennis had recorded before. They had also captured a greyball in the life action set, which I was able to use as a reference for the lighting (min 03:45) www.theoldmanandthebird.com

THE OLD MAN AND THE BIRD at the Berlinale 2015 !

It was worth it: I spent several weeks in dark studio rooms last summer while animating a little stop-motion robin –  which will now go to the Berlinale! I am very happy that THE OLD MAN AND THE BIRD, an animated short by Dennis Stein-Schomburg was chosen to be shown at this years edition of the Berlin International Film Festival. So we are going to be in Berlin for the world premiere of the film on Tuesday, February 10th in the Cinemaxx…

This is what I can already show you, including a short clip from the process of animation (the scene didn’t make it into the final movie, but I think it’s worth to be shared anyway). Click here to see an extract of the film.


THE OLD MAN AND THE BIRD - robin outside

script, director, editor: Dennis Stein-Schomburg / cinematography: Christoph Neugebauer / stopmotion animation: Jonatan Schwenk / music: Thomas Höhl / sound recording, sound design: Tobias Böhm, Christian Wittmoser / producer: Roland Fischer / production design: Svenja Matthes, Daniel Maass, Maryna Miliushchanka / costume design: Riet Hannah Bernhard / mask: Gabriel Sahlmüller / actress: Tina Machulik

An Ocean Pictures Filmproduktion production, coproduzed by Dennis Stein-Schomburg and the Kunsthochschule Kassel. Gefördert mit Mitteln der Stadt Konstanz, der Hessischen Filmförderung (HFF) und der Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA).



This is what I animated for this years “Trickreich”, the annual presentation of new animation productions from the Trickfilmklasse Kassel. We made more of those chicken-dogs and screened them between the longer shorts.

Fog effects for “GOODBYE PAPA”

I made some fog effects for the children’s film “Tschüss Papa” (“Goodbye Papa”) by Hendrik M. Schmitt. Because of the hand-held camera I had to rotoscope a lot, but I used the colour channels to create the mattes too. Here are the “breakdowns” for two of the shots:

Visit the film’s facebook-site for more information.
Credits: director: HENDRIK M.SCHMITT / director of photography: THOMAS FÖRSTER / fog effects: JONATAN SCHWENK, BORIS DÖRNING

Berlinale 2013

with Merlin Flügel and Maike Mia Höhne right after the premiere of "ECHO"

with Merlin Flügel and Maike Mia Höhne right after the premiere of “ECHO”

As his sound designer I was the lucky one to join Merlin Flügel who was invitated to present his film “ECHO” in the Shorts programme of the 63rd annual Berlin International Film Festival in Berlin last week. The film was one of 27 shorts from 20 countries, and had it’s world premiere at the festival.
It was nice to hear the sound of the film in the big Cinemaxx theatre with the 5.1 surround mix we had done for this specific occasion, and of course especially in front of such a big audience.
We definitely had a fantastic time in Berlin, with lots of nice people from all over the world, very good partys, and of course all this great shorts and feature films. I wonder when I will have acces to such a good allotment of screening tickets again.

MAISON SONORE in the official programme in Annecy 2012




My shortfilm MAISON SONORE was in the official programm of Graduation Films at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2012! It’s one of the most important and biggest festivals of animated films in the world, so I had a good reason to be excited.
In addition my film is presented on the sixth edition of the DVD »New German Animations« released by AG Kurzfilm in coorporation with German Films. It’s a preview DVD for festivals, curators and buyers and produced on the occasion of the Annecy festival. Also another animated shortfilm which I was involved in made it on that DVD: “How to Disappear” by Merlin Flügel. I made the sound design for that one.

Opener for film night in Offenbach am Main

Marc Rühl, Thomas Kneffel  and I made an opener for a public film night (open house at the Offenbach University of Art and Design) were we use to present our newest films every year. We decided to let our professor Rotraut Pape play the main role, baking a cake for the guests together with Bernd Zimmermann, our technical director. The scene plays on our campus in Offenbach, exactly where the film night would take place. It might be that you won’t understand all the jokes, but in the end that doesn’t matter.